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MAB at the Borderline
Mab at the Barfly
MAB at Infinity
Mab at Hammersmith Apollo
Borderline 5/9/04
Barfly 19/9/04
Infinity 3/10/04
Hammersmith Apollo 30/10/04
MAB at the Pink Turtle
MAB at the Dome

MAB in Hitchin

Breed 77 Tour

Purple Turtle 11/11/04
The Dome 20/11/04
Hitchin 27/11/04
Aldershot 11/12/04
Mab at the Egg, London
Mab in Ascot
Mab at Infinity
Mab at the Late Bar
Egg 16/12/04
Ascot 1/2/05
Infinity 6/2/05
Kilburn 10/2/05
MAB at Madame Jo Jos Soho
Mab at the Peel, Kingston Mean Fiddler April 2005 Mab at the HIM fan club party
Kilburn 23/2/05
Kingston 12/3/05
Mean Fiddler 01/04/05
Garage 16/04/05
Purple Turtle 02/05/05
Marquee 5/6/05
Egg 17/6/05
Hitchin 9/8/05
The Attic 23/9/05
Intrepid Fox 22/10/05
Barfly 23/10/05
Underworld 5/11/05
Barfly 06/02/06
Academy 09/04/06
The Square, Harlow 12/05/06

Koko 10/06/06

Dome 25/08/06
Coventry 19/10/06
Cafe De Paris 23/02/07
Clockwork 31/03/07
Gotham 8 12/05/07
Barfly 26/11/07
Barfly 17/02/08
Borderline 24/07/08
South Of The Border


MAB are an exciting new all girls band from Sardinia,( Italy), now based in London.
Their sound is amazing, combining heavy metal as well as opera; the singer, Psycho Jeremy, brilliantly switches from one to the other.
Their dresscode is divided between the black and white, and they are like princesses whose clothes have turned into rags. Wildblanket's brilliant seamstress has now accomplished quite a few amazing rags for them.
With Psycho Jeremy: Vocals and Bass, Lisa:guitar, Marina: guitar, Jessica: drums.



















































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