Arrowslounge @ W14
20 October 2005

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This gig was the first one we went to of this band, unfortunately missing their Arts Club gig a few weeks back.
The venue was extremely cold, due to the central heating being broken (special news from our new friends the Door man and Cloakroom attendant) and the day, which started at 5pm, seemed to drag a bit...which made us go out for something to eat, in the local Turkish Kebab restaurant (which was very expensive, according to LIzzzzzzy) which was delicious. And warm! We came back in on time to see Sweet Seduction who made a big impression on Lizzy, who then rushed to ask me to ask them for a cd or a flyer,(shy little girl??!!!) and then came on Kvetch, which were very good but the style of music had broken the atmosphere of rock and headbanging by they came; unfortunately they played before ArrowsLounge. BY the time Arrowslounge came on, everyone had vanished at the bar and sat down, around the tables. Nobody stood up but people gathered at the tables, watching intensively David prancing around the stage, and the guitarist Kris also doing his very well done show off guitar solos. The gig was excellent, they had brought quite a few fans, but blame it on the central heating for the lack of headbanging! I wonder how some of the bands managed to take their tops off... But they did!