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A Void

Crown & Treaty
29th December 2015

Good Ship
2nd January 2016
23rd April 2016

Trinity Bar
24th April 2016
Mono Bar
30th April 2016
Vale Social
1st May 2016
Black Heart
15th September 2016
Good Ship
18th October 2016
Slaughtered Lamb
21st October 2016
The Unicorn
12th November 2016
15th November 2016
5th December 2016
Red's BBQ
11th December 2016
St Moritz Club
6th January 2017
Guns & Smoke
21st January 2017
Red's BBQ
12th February 2017
New Cross Inn
5th March 2017
Good Ship
8th April 2017
Alley Cat
21st April 2017
Le Cirque Electrique
10th May 2017
The Elephant & Castle
10th June 2017
24th June 2017
The Unicorn
30th June 2017
7th June 2017
Sebright Arms
11th August 2017
The Windmill
8th September 2017
11th October 2017
Alley Cat
17th October 2017
Mascara Bar
22nd October 2017
Good Ship
28th October 2017
Montague Arms
18th November 2017
New Cross Inn
3rd December 2017
The Islington
23rd December 2017
31st January 2018
Bird's Nest
2nd February 2018
Fiddler's Elbow
14th February 2018
Antenna Studios
9th March 2018
New Cross Inn
28th March 2018
The Unicorn
7th April 2018
Notting Hill Arts Club
15th April 2018
17th April 2018
Sebright Arms
10th June 2018
The Unicorn
30th June 2018
Camden Assembly
9th July 2018
Cotswold Inn
10th August 2018
The Windmill
18th August 2018
The Victoria
30th August 2018
The Gunners
1st September 2018
The Pipeline
8th September 2018
28th September 2018
Railway Hotel
13th October 2018
The Finsbury
29th October 2018
The Windmill
4th November 2018
Bee's Mouth
17th November 2018
Hare & Hounds
18th November 2018
Poco Loco
19th November 2018
Cotswold Inn
24th November 2018
JT Soar
26th November 2018
Purple Turtle
28th November 2018
The Monarch
30th November 2018
21st December 2018
The Unicorn
31st December 2018
Mother's Ruin
4th January 2019
Camden Assembly
6th January 2019
The Prince Albert
11th January 2019
The Windmill
26th January 2019
The Windmill
7th February 2019
The Gunners
15th February 2019
21st February 2019
Royal Standard
22nd February 2019
Brick Street
23rd February 2019
The Unicorn
9th March 2019
Bus Palladium
16th March 2019
The Sussex Hotel
22nd March 2019
The Cavern
26th March 2019
Hope and Anchor
29th March 2019
Poco Loco
5th April 2019
The Gunners
12th April 2019
The Finsbury
13th April 2019
2nd May 2019
Rough Trade
3rd May 2019
Shacklewell Arms
10th July 2019
13th July 2019
La Civette
13th July 2019
The Pipeline
4th August 2019
The Victoria
29th August 2019
The Unicorn
7th September 2019
The Victoria
20th September 2019
The Golden Fleece
3rd October 2019
House Party
5th October 2019
18th October 2019
Anvil Rock Bar
26th October 2019
3rd November 2019
Edge Of The Wedge
7th November 2019



Axe Kid are:

Axe Girl -Vocals and Guitar
Kid Max -Vocals and Guitar
Welax -Drums






































































































































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